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What we practice at home is preached to the world

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  9701 Plank Road                                 9409 Plank Road
Spotyslvania, Va 22553                   Spotsylvania, Va 22553
   (540) 972-7491                                   (540)  972-1425
                                                                Cell (540) 846-8460

Service Schedule

        Sunday Early Service                                       8:15 am  
            Contemporary Service with Praise Band  
        Fellowship Time                                   9:15 -  9:45 am
        Sunday Morning Bible Study                           9:45 am
            All ages
        Sunday Worship Service                               11:00 am

        Wednesday Bible Study                                  7:00 pm

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October 2018 Activity Calendar

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Our Pastor and his wife Jane

2018 Craft Fair and Bazaar     October 13, 2018 10AM - 2PM 
Crafts, Vendors, Diecast Collectibles [Hot Wheels, Matchbox and Racing N*A*S*C*A*R]
Food will be available Proceeds to support the Building Fund

2018 Gospel Sing schedule
Food is available at Band break
Unless otherwise noted Gospel Sings start at 6 PM

March 17, 20184 The Lord
April 21, 2018Smoked Pork BBQ Fund Raising Dinner to be held
at 5 PM before the Gospel Sing
April 21, 2018SonRise
May 19, 2018Master's Hand Quartet
June 16, 2018Avery Road Band
July 21, 2018Amy Ladd and Friends
August 18, 2018True Spirit Gospel Band
September 15, 2018Smoked Pork BBQ Fund Raising Dinner to be held
at 5 PM before the Gospel Sing
September 15, 2018Jerusalem Ridge
Oct 20, 2018The Finneys

Church By-Laws Effective September 11, 2013
Before Expansion
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Wilderness Baptist Church
Organized 1778
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Our goal is to proclaim to the world God's love, grace, and His provision of personal Salvation in Christ as a worshipping fellowship, as maturing believers, as effective witnesses, and as faithful stewards
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Our Pastor and his wife
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